ADAPT Gateway supporting physical and mental health challenges:

– Adults with spinal injuries

– Children who are wheelchair users

– Military veterans

– Carers – family & friends

Optimising Quality of Life
through Peer Knowledge,
Support, Education
and Training

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ADAPT GATEWAY a Non-Profit Organisation

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Peer-to-Peer Support Groups

Peer Support is at the centre of ADAPT Gateway’s ethos. By designing evidence led interventions centred around peer-support we aim to develop self-efficacy, and thus improve quality of life for our disabled service users and their families. Our goal is to allow lived experience and peer support to provide a gateway to confidence, better health outcomes and a fulfilled life for our service users. While our original focus will be around people living with Spinal cord Injury (SCI) and other wheelchair users, we aim to grow our support to reach people with other chronic conditions. A key area of our project is around supporting disabled people with their mental health.

Education & Training for Organisations

We have educational programmes for colleges and universities designed to support staff and learners to foster a culture of awareness and inclusion, and Disability Awareness and Inclusive Service courses targeted at business. ADAPT Gateway also specialise in supporting Public Sector Bodies in all areas of disabled equality, especially Public Sector Equality Duty. Alongside training focused on equality and inclusion, we offer training packages aimed at health professionals, centered around prevention of secondary health related issues. Our training has been developed by disabled experts with proven professional track records and will be delivered by skilled disabled trainers. Lived experience is at the heart of all ADAPT Gateway’s training and educational practice.


Successful change is created based on relevant research. There is, however, often a disconnect between the academic institutions undertaking research, and the communities this research goes on to affect. ADAPT Gateway intends to bridge this gap for effective community-based change, by providing real world insight and knowledge. Once again our team is composed of researchers either living with an impairment themselves or with a background in chronic health problems. It is our hope to engage in pragmatic and focused research that leads to real world progress for the disabled community, founded on a model of good practice and solid evidence-base. Phases of research will be rolled out in future.

Our Statement of intention

ADAPT Gateway will support, train and educate. Helping disabled people reclaim their agency, independence and confidence. All whilst promoting and advocating for increased disability awareness, for a more inclusive tomorrow. To do this we are drawing on considerable insight and knowledge from the lived experience of a specialist core team. It is our sincere hope that our work will enable a change in individuals’ perspectives, and help disabled people to realise their full potential.

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