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Mission Statement:

ADAPT Gateway will support, train and educate disabled individuals, leading to more fulfilled lives. Drawing on considerable insight and knowledge from the lived experience, we will enable individuals to change their personal perspectives and help them to realise their full personal and societal potential.

Though originally developed with Spinal cord injury (SCI) at its heart we have broadened our approach and initial efforts will now focus on individuals who use a wheelchair in their daily lives. Support will also be given to agency, domestic care providers, and family and friends, as life changing illness affects all dimensions of a person’s life, extending to their support systems. We will strive to achieve real change in equality and accessibility, as well as independent living, such as adaptations to housing.

We welcome and support any member of the public, accommodating the needs of children, adults and military veterans. We are proactive in helping individuals adopt a healthier lifestyle, leading to a more meaningful existence. Ultimately, we will help individuals extend longevity and improve their overall quality of life both mentally and physically, with peer-to-peer support being at the core of what we do.

As a new charity for the moment, we are concentrating our efforts in Wales, however we are more than happy to take inquiries from spinal cord injury and wheelchair users from anywhere and will endeavour to help in whatever way we can.

Contact us: adaptgateway@btinternet.com


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