Peer-to-Peer Support Groups


We base our approach on lived experience, so all sessions are delivered by those with a disability requiring long term wheelchair use.

The main objective of our activities is to help individuals develop the knowledge and self-confidence that leads to a greater number of life opportunities and a more fulfilled life. This often reduces the likelihood of developing ‘secondary health impairments’ and bolsters a better quality of life.

We aim to help individuals who have recently experienced a life-changing incident, who either are in a rehabilitation centre or are planning to return to a community setting soon, but we also provide support for the long-term providing one line and real-world communities, meaning people will always have support from someone they know understands their situation.

Our work will help you to improve your knowledge of living with a disability, your physical fitness and function, and mental health. Collectively, these changes will result in you leading a more independent and happier life.

This approach is founded on the research of our CEO Gareth Thomas and is a logical and heavily supported approach.

In the next few months, we will be launching online peer support groups, please check our facebook groups for more information on how to get involved, or register your interest by emailing with…

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