We believe there is a need for informed research and links to universities, local health authorities, trusts and aspects of social services.

To create meaningful intervention and real-world change, insight of needs and relevant knowledge is key. To create a model of good practice, evidence-base is imperative.

Research represents a dynamic and collaborative process where researchers, stakeholders and funders take time to consider opinions and knowledge of end users – thus gaining insights from lived experiences. Through research we are able to specifically identify the needs of end users and plug identified gaps in the patient journey.

The way in which disabled patients are filtered through the NHS is both damaging to those patients who become stuck in the slow broken system and is damaging to the NHS as it is not cost effective. Millions of Pounds are being wasted every year on subsequent social care due to these issues. This social enterprise wants to change this broken system.

Already developed on the research conducted by Gareth Thomas, CEO, we want to further this and will be concentrating on peer support interventions in 2 specific groups, who are currently underserved: children and veterans.

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