Education & Training for Organisations


We are keen to deliver training to any and all organisations including the NHS, schools, colleges and universities. This aims to increase awareness of the experience of those living with disability, encouraging participants to think about the challenges the community faces and how they can help facilitate change.

The medical sector will be a key part of this process as many disabled people feel medical staff need upskilling in treatment of disabled people as it may vary to able bodied treatments. We will incorporate training into any relevant studies such as Nurses/doctors, Architecture College/Uni, Civil Engineers, Social workers etc as well as to the private sector.

We will also provide training and development programmes for companies helping them to become more inclusive in their employment and customer base. We will happily provide consultancy around accessibility, including housing development and refurbishments for the public and private sector.

Finally, we are keen to consult on public policies to provide oversight on disability access and inclusion, holding the government and the public sector to account.

If you are interested in us delivering training for your organisation, or are a wheelchair user wishing to flag up an access issue please don’t hesitate to get in touch at